Nordic Inspiration, bed linen

Nordic Inspiration

The ‘Nordic Inspiration’ bed linen takes its origin
from classic Scandinavian knitting patterns and brings a contemporary edge to a
variety of the traditional styles. The print is a unique stitch pattern made by a
mixture of the most popular Scandinavian knitting styles. A characteristic feature
of Scandinavian knitting patterns is the application of simple geometric shapes,
such as dots, triangles, squares and crosses. Formerly, such patterns would
often hold secret magic codes and would often include for instance the Old
Norse symbol ‘the sun cross’, also known as ‘the wheel cross’, and ‘the Star
motif, an ancient symbol of the presence of divinity and the Christian symbol of
Jesus. The ‘Nordic Inspiration’ series also includes items from StrikAholic’s
collection of knitted products – cushion and very soon also a blanket.

The Nordic Inspiration bed linen is actually a print of the pattern how to knit StrikAholic’s Nordic Inspiration wollen cushions. On the back side of the bed linen is printed a piece of paper – ready to be filled with ideas for at knitting pattern…


Material composition: 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified. 40×40 132×66 2/1 twill

The Nordic Inspiration bed linen is available in the following colours and sizes
Nordic Inspiration, adult DK, blue
duvet cover 140X200 cm pillow case: 63X60 cm

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