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Nordic Inspiration

Aug 15, 2013 Comments Off by

The ‘Nordic Inspiration’ bed linen takes its origin from classic Scandinavian knitting patterns and brings a contemporary edge to a variety of the traditional styles. The print is a unique stitch pattern made by a mixture of the most popular Scandinavian knitting styles. A characteristic feature of Scandinavian knitting patterns is the application of simple [...]

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Bed linen also in German and English sizes

Feb 22, 2013 Comments Off by

Our bed linen Visiontest black/white is now available for both children and adults in German and English sizes. Visiontest, junior UK, black/white duvet cover: 120X150 cm pillow case: 60X40 cm Visiontest, adult UK, black/white duvet cover: 135X200 cm pillow case: 75X50 cm Visiontest, junior GE, black/white duvet cover: 100X135 cm pillow case: 40X60 cm Visiontest, [...]

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Paper Doll

Sep 12, 2011 Comments Off by

Want to feel like a fashion queen? The ‘Paper Doll’ bed linen is inspired by childhood’s popular paper dolls. The Paper Doll comes in many different designs and has been a popular toy around the world for almost two hundred years. The first European paper doll was made in France in the mid-18th century, and [...]

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Feb 04, 2011 Comments Off

Test your vision while you sleep The eye test – which most people probably remember from medical check-ups during childhood – provided the inspiration for the new bed linen with many fine motives of cars, horses, houses, trains, bicycles, people, hearts and much more. Specifics Material composition: 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified. 40×40 132×66 2/1 [...]

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