The company and philosophy

StrikAholic (www.strikaholic.dk) was set up after a journey to New York. Dorte Niedziella, designer and owner of StrikAholic, became deeply fascinated by the many – often unnoticed – graphic designs originating from items belonging to everyday American life, such as bus tickets.
Her fascination kept on growing upon her return home to Denmark and she started exploring bar codes and bus tickets in more detail, wondering how she could make other people notice all these amazing art designs of everyday life.
Dorte Niedziella found a way of combining her joy for knitted products with her fascination of everyday graphics when initiating the production of her unique, offbeat and humorous cushions. The first collection of cushions was launched in the autumn 2007.
The name StrikAholic is constructed by the Danish noun “strik”, meaning knitwear, and the English suffix “aholic” denoting a person addicted to something. The two components in combination form the pun: Strikaholic (i.e. knit-aholic).
Ever since early childhood Dorte Niedziella has taken an unusually strong interest in knitting.
When selecting a name for her company, she wanted the company
to reflect her passion for knitwear – and today has actually managed
to make a living out of her obsession.
Today, StrikAholic is known for original designs and high-quality products.
The company now offers a broad range of home accessories, including cushions, blankets and bedlinen.